In recent months we have seen more and more of our clients opting for newsletter content and email newsletter templates, this is because business owners realise it is a relatively cheap way of staying in touch with existing clients and staying at the forefront of their minds. Afterall, all you have to do is upload the email address on the business card you’re given and you can use mailchimp for free, an application that will send your newsletters for you.

The open rate on average for SMEs is 22.87%, this means in every 5 people you send your email to will open it, each email newsletter also has an average click through rate of 3.16 which means on average 1 in 30 email newsletters you send will encourage the reader to click through to your website – they will click through because they want to find out more about you, or even purchase your product or service from you.

When you go networking you collect business cards, it is only normal that the contacts you meet will want to give you their email addresses and contact details. When they give you their business card check that they are happy to be added to your email newsletter list, explaining what your email newsletters are about, how frequently they are sent and add that it is easy to unsubscribe if they choose to.

You can then add the persons business card onto your mailing list, in the case of MailChimp this is really simple. You just need to add their details to the list of your choice – this could be a networking list, an industry list or even a geographical area list – whatever works best for you.

Then you need to get started with the email newsletters, if you have design skills then you can create the newsletter template yourself but if not then drop us a line and we can create a template for you, for a one off fee, and then you can use it as many times as you want in the future, with no additional costs.

Choose how often you want to send your emails and see if you can match their theme with your social media and blogging, try and choose a monthly topic for all marketing whether that is a product or service because this will join all your campaigns together.

If you need help with newsletter creation and newsletter content then drop us a line, we will always happy be happy to help you get the most out of your email marketing.