You may have seen whitepapers on the websites of your competition? Maybe you have been purchasing something for business, and seen they have a whitepaper too? Perhaps someone has said your business should have whitepapers? But what if you don’t know what a whitepaper is and if your business needs one?

Help is at hand – in this business we help to answer the question; does your business need whitepapers. We do this by explaining what whitepapers are and how they work. We also share some stats about whitepapers for business that you might want to consider.

If it’s the workload or time that’s worrying you, don’t worry. Our content writers can create whitepapers for your business. This can be done based on your notes or their own research. So, what are whitepapers?

A whitepaper is longform content. Longform content, like a whitepaper for example, can provide your audience with data and information. This data and information could prove vital to the decision-making process of your target audience. It’s important to note that whitepapers aren’t the new latest trend. They have been around for some time. In fact, whitepapers continue to stand the test of time. They are incredibly effective as a way of warming leads, educating audiences and building brand awareness.

A well designed and engaging whitepaper will have a high count of downloads hitting your inbox. However, a whitepaper that looks dull or boring, could prove very poor results for downloads and lead warming. It’s important that any whitepaper provides true value for the reader. It needs to be useful and meaningful for the reader. This is what will warm your leads, educate your audience and convert to sales for your business.

If you are a B2B business, a whitepaper could be a crucial part of your marketing strategy. You will be able to track who downloads the whitepapers. From this, you can follow up with a sales call or additional marketing emails.

Research shows that 79% of B2B buyers listed whitepapers as the materials that they would most likely share with work colleagues. In addition to this 71% of B2B buyers have used whitepapers within the last year. This has been done to research their purchasing decisions for the business. Finally, 75% of B2B buyers have said they would share information about themselves and their company in exchange for a whitepaper.

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