On LinkedIn you will see a lot of charities asking to be your charity of the year. With so many charities out there, it can be hard to choose the right worthy cause for your business. This is where a charity of the month could come in. Instead of choosing just one worthy cause each year, you can choose 12 charities to help. Is there a way that this could work in your business?

We are currently working with a brand-new company that make and sell soaps, bath bombs and other amazing bath time and skincare products. They want to help all the worthwhile causes, but it’s physically, and financially not possible. However, we are getting round this with a charity of the month which starts next month.

Each month one product will be chosen and 10% of all sales of that product will go to the chosen charity of the month. The product is designed to meet the colours of the organisation logo and brand. While this could be only a small amount, for now, we all know that every little counts. This could also become a much larger amount in the future.

But how can a charity of the month help the business?

Each time we launch a new product for a limited amount of time for the chosen charity, we share it with the charity. The charity then talks about it in their social media and with their audience. In turn, this brings a new audience to the website. It’s likely they will go to the website, purchase the fundraising product and see the other products too. In turn, they could then add these to their order and purchase more than just the item they came to the website for.

If they customer falls in love with the products, they’ll come back to order more in the future. This process then starts again each month with a new charity of the month. All the while you get that ‘feel good feeling’ of doing something awesome for a worthwhile cause. In turn, this makes you look like a business that cares. It’s a win for the worthy cause and a win for your business.

So, how could a charity of the month work for your business? If it’s something we can help you with, on social media or blogging, please contact us directly.