We have recently been working with a new company locally. They sell soaps, shower gels, bath bombs and more. As well as creating the content for their website, we have been managing their social media. In addition to this, we have been creating and managing their TikTok account for them.

While we have been using TikTok personally for some time, creating videos has been something new for us. It’s being interesting to see how TikTok can work for a business. It has also been successful for the client with at least 230 views of most of their videos. These videos have then been used across their other social media platforms. It offers a different way to promote the products they offer.

In addition to this, we created TikTok videos for Peterborough Pride. This included interviews with the sponsors and attendees. We created videos of the parade and the event too. This included a tour of the grounds and videos of performers. These have shown to be extremely popular and have been shared on the other social media profiles of Peterborough Pride.

Which left us wondering, could TikTok work for your business or organisation?

As an event planner, you could have testimonials from attendees. There could also be videos of the set up of the event, a slideshow of photos of the event and more. If you’re a hairdresser, why not share the before during and after hair of your clients. It’s a great way to show off your talents in different hair styles, cuts and colours.

Maybe you sell cars? Why not share videos of the cars in actions or a slideshow of the photos of the car? You could also have a member of your team doing a tour around the car, or a pretend Q & A session with a colleague?

The thing with TikTok for business is that it does take time and planning. Time is often something business owners are short of. This is where we come in. We can visit your business for a day or two and collect the content needed for the videos. Alternatively, you can see us the content in the form of videos and images, and we can create the TikTok videos for your business.

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