Around this time, 2 years ago, we created a series of blog posts with our clients. We asked our clients a series of questions as coronavirus began in the UK. We looked at how the pandemic was affecting businesses in the local area. This was done to help the business see the challenges they were overcoming. It was done to show other businesses in similar positions that they weren’t alone.

Finally, it was our little way of supporting out clients. By sharing blog posts talking about their business, we were boosting their brand awareness. Even if it was only a little bit, it was making our audience aware of some of the businesses out there.

It’s fair to say we felt pretty helpless as the beginning of lockdown. Many of our clients out our services on hold or dropped down the level of service. We have great relationships with our clients, and we knew they were struggling. It was important to us that we helped them, in any way that we could.

So, here we are again. We want to look at how our clients have been coping through coronavirus two years on. Over the next few weeks, you will see a selection of these interviews with our clients. They are businesses of different shapes, sizes and experience and all from different industries.

We have created our series of blog posts talking about coping through coronavirus two years on to show that businesses have come out the other end. It’s always interesting to see and here how businesses overcome their own challenges too. The coping through coronavirus two years blog series is a chance to celebrate the awesome businesses and their achievements too.

The last few years haven’t been easy for a lot of businesses. So those businesses that have worked hard to come out the other end deserve the recognition and praise for doing so.

Make sure you keep coming back to see the blog series. Who knows, you might see a business owner or business you recognise!