Starting a blog on your business website, or even starting a website as a whole, is a commitment. While you may write a blog post or two you may get minimal response and then lose hope and give up writing blog posts for your business website blog altogether. 

This won’t increase your chance of readers of your blog posts, it won’t grow your audience or brand awareness either and it certainly won’t make any major impact on search engines or traffic to your website. If you decide put a blog on your business website you need to continually update it and keep it fresh.

Many SEO experts stress that regularly updated websites are favoured by search engines like Google, search engines will not favour a website that is not regularly updated so do treat a blog on your business website like a commitment.

If you have a business website with a business blog make sure it is frequently updated with great content, don’t just post content for contents sake but do bear in mind it’s recommended to update your website at least once or twice a week to keep the search engine robots coming back to your website continuously so they can move your website up the search engine rankings and get more traffic to your website.

Here at Creative Content Company we now update our website with a new blog post every day of the week and we have seen that the more blog posts we have the ore traffic we get to our website. This is not just because Google and other search engines are ranking us higher but also because we are able to share even ore blog posts on social media platforms that are of interest to our fans and followers.

That’s what you need to remember when continually updating your website, make sure what you are writing is of interest to your target audience, fans and followers.