When it comes to content for your website it is important that is written with your target audience in mind so take the time to consider your target audience, who they are, what they want to read about and how much they know about you, your business and your offerings and then start writing your website content.

Speak Like Your Audience

Your target audience may not use the same words and terms as you, and some of the industry buzz words may make no sense to your target audience and reader of the content so make sure you re-read the content or get an outsider to read the content to make sure it makes sense to your target audience.

Format for Your Audience

Long paragraphs or long lists of bullet points can be really off-putting for the reader of your business website content, especially if they have visited your website through a mobile phone , so aim for short sharp paragraphs or use sub-headings (like we have done in this blog post) for example. Try and make the content as skim-able as possible.

Be Your Audience

As we touched on earlier in this post; put yourself in your audiences shoes and think about what they know about you and your brand already and what they want to know – what has your audience come to this page on your website for and how can you give them what they are looking for?

Watch the Competition

We are definitely not saying you are to steal content from your competition but look at the ways they write company website content; the style and voice they use in their content and the answers and advice they offer to their target audience. Use the website content of your competition to inspire you to achieve greatness with your own website content.

If you are struggling with writing website content for your business then just ask; we would be only too happy to help.