In a perfect world the debate between a content first website and a layout first website doesn’t exist. While we may not live in a perfect world here at Creative Content Company, this debate doesn’t exist here either. Web designers and copywriters should come up with a collaborative plan where the content and layout help each other. The content for the website and the layout should be build towards each other, so they meet in the middle.

However, that is not always as easy as it sounds, and this is why the content first website versus the layout first debate exists. Here at Creative Content Company, we don’t really like to sit on the fence. That said, we are always happy to follow the web designer’s lead. Our content writers can create the content for a non-existent website, or we can writer content for an existing layout.

The layout of the website is important because this is the first thing a visitor to the website sees. If they like the layout and the format of the website, then they will read the content. The design layout and visuals of the website is what the visitor will look at first, before they interact with the content.

Our content writers are happy to take the lead of the client or the web designer. If the client would like the content created first, this is fine. As the website is being created, the web designer can then ask our content writers for extra text here and there, a catchy title or call to action.

Alternatively, if the client knows exactly what they want their website to look like, it may be best to go with the design first. Our website content writers will look at the wireframe or layout of the website. They will then fill in the gaps where SEO content is required.

It often depends on the website that is being made. For example, an e-commerce website will be more layout heavy so the content will not be as important. This means it can be created to fit in the spaces where it is needed. However, this could be the opposite for a lead generation website for example.

If you are a business owner planning your first website, or a refresh for your website, give us a call. We can recommend website designers if you need one. In addition, we can help you plan out the content you need.

Our copywriters love working with web designers on their content needs too. Why not drop us a line to discuss your upcoming projects and how you can make more money from your clients by using our white label marketing services?