Years ago (nearly 5 years ago to be more exact), I was blogging on a personal blogging website, talking about this, that and the other. I had a few businesses contact me for blog posts and asked if I could blog for them or their clients and this was the first smidgen of an idea to set up my own business – but I had no name.

I am great at writing longer articles of content (even if I do say so myself), but short, catchy slogans and strap lines are not my think.

On my old blog I launched a competition for a business name and promised a blog post to the person that came up with the best business name for my new business; thus Creative Content Company was born and we all lived happily ever after… until now!

Now I am considered t-shirts for my business; I can then wear them to business exhibitions and networking events for example. I’m thinking colourful, engaging and fun… words I would like to think describe me and my business.

I will be ordering 3 t-shirts and want a different slogan on the back of each; just a few words or even a question that attracts people’s attention and promotes what I do for a business.

So what do we offer? We do website content and blogging, social media training and social media management as the main of the business, of course we also do newsletters but that is more of an add-on to our other services.

Can you think of a slogan or strap-line for the back of the t-shirts?

If you come up with one of the best three that I use for my t-shirts you will win a free blog post; if you come up with all 3 of the best slogans that you will win 3 free blog posts!

That’s the competition – now it is over to you!

Please send us your slogan ideas over via email or on social media; can’t wait to hear from you.