There is lots of research currently across the internet showing that more and more companies are choosing to outsource content marketing to another company. Is it a good idea for your business to outsource their content?

In my personal experience there are two main reasons people outsource their content. The first reason is because they don’t know where to start. They specialise in re-fitting kitchens (for example), they are not experienced in content writing or SEO as a whole.

It makes sense, after all I am a freelance writer and skilled in that area, but if someone asked me to re-fit their kitchen, cut their hair or lay their driveway I wouldn’t know where to start. Everyone has experience and skills in different areas – apparently everyone being different is what helps the world go round?

The other most common reason for outsourcing work to a content writer is because people haven’t got time to do it. Some people are already working from sunrise to sunset trying to start up a business or just trying to keep all their customers happy – they haven’t got a spare few hours a week to keep their blog updated or to re-write the content on their website so it includes the keywords they are targeting.

If you understand the importance of content marketing and you are very aware that Google keeps saying ‘Content is King’ but you haven’t got the time or experience to write content then why not speak to a freelance writer (like me) and see how they can help you with your content marketing.