On Tuesday 7th February, a week today, I shall be speaking at Deeping Business Club about the work we do in the community. It is a talk I have been asked to present, and I am flattered to have been asked. I get the chance to talk about Creative Content Company, what we do, why we do it, a bit about me and then all the work we have done in the community before showing people why they should get involved in their community and how.

I have been putting the finishing touches to my slideshow and I couldn’t believe how much I had managed to achieve in just over 3 years – lots of it I had completely forgotten about, yet they were huge achievements, or very memorable events.

Of course the community project I remember the most is VisionShift at Peterborough Prison and probably what I remember the most, but actually there has been so much more than that. Creative Networking has also been a brilliant achievement in the community and helped lots of people in business become braver, stronger and better networkers, while learning new things too.

I even forgot that I had met HRH Prince Charles, how could I forget such an amazing opportunity as that? The chance I got to meet him and tell him all about the amazing things I had done for Peterborough Prison and my community.

I was a Marshall for Race For Life, I did the Ice Bucket Challenge (who could forget that?) and Macmillan Coffee Morning as well as local things too such as Santa Sleigh Collections, Tree Planting, working with schools, the homeless project and OpenCity with Peterborough City Council.

Looking back over all the amazing things I had achieved, and the photos of the awards, gave me that warm feeling inside all over again. And it got me thinking, if one person, little old me, could achieve so much – imagine how much other people could achieve if I inspired them too!

So Deeping Business Club watch out – you’re going to be inspired!