As many of you will know from previous blog posts, every 3 months I take in 4 positive, inspirational and motivational speakers in Peterborough Prison for achievement day. Once again I am looking for 4 more speakers for the Achievement Day. I need 2 speakers on the 23rd August for the female side and I need 2 speakers for the male side on the 25th August.

The Achievement Day is run at Peterborough Prison, set up by Helen from the inside and myself from the outside. Helen collects votes from staff and residents of those residents that have gone the extra mile, they may have completed a Open University Course on their own, helped others in a class, worked as a mentor, gone above and beyond in their ‘job’ within the prison or similar.

I find the Achievement Day is a lovely day with a really ‘feel good’ feeling as you see those that have made mistakes in their past achieving amazing things in a place where life is not easy. They are also joined by up to 3 of their friends or family members who are there to support them in their achievements.

At the event the residents (the official name for prisoners) are given a certificate and told why they have been given it and then my two guest speakers will take to the floor for 10-15 minutes to give a motivational or inspirational talk. We have had presentations on a wide range of inspirational topics such as those that have been in prison themselves, those that run their own business despite having the odds stacked against them, those with family members that have been in prison and some really good motivational speakers, life coaches and mentors.

It’s a morning until early afternoon event and you will be offered delicious food that has been made in the prison by the residents. Please let me know if you’d like to get involved, we hope to see you there, doing your bit for the community and helping to inspire and motivate the residents.