When you’re running your own business there is a lot to consider and be involved in. You need to ensure that customers are happy, and the business is running smoothly. It’s also you that needs to sell and promote the business and the business offerings.

Your job is to manage cash flow, invoicing, and accounts too. You need to be involved in marketing, as well as sales for the business. Networking is down to you too. This is before we look at social media for small business owners.

There are common struggles of social media that many small business owners have to face. It’s not just about finding time to post on social media either.

These are six of the most common struggles of social media for small business owners.

  • Small business owners struggle to ensure their social media is not only active, but relevant to their target audience too.
  • Some small business owners find it hard to come up with topics and ideas of things to post about on social media.
  • Another struggle for some small business owners is dedicating enough time to creating graphics for social media posts that meet the voice and tone of the brand.
  • Small business owners are unsure how to get the tone of the business across in the right way, to the right target audience.
  • Many small business owners lose faith in social media quickly when they don’t see the results that they expected or hoped for.
  • Some small business owners struggle to see the value of social media marketing and decide that it just doesn’t work for their business.

Why not book a virtual meeting with the social media managers in Peterborough here at Creative Content Company. We can talk through your business, your social media and your goals.

Our Peterborough based social media manager will review what you’re doing. They will then recommend changes that can be made. We can then offer social media training to help you in these areas. Alternatively, we can manage your social media posts for you.