Your mailing list will be constantly evolving, improving, growing, changing and just keep getting more different all the time. People will leave, and that’s okay but people will come, and that’s really great – your email newsletter mailing list will always be changing but you need to make the most of every chance you get to collect new subscribers. 

It’s important that you make then most of every valuable opportunity to gain new subscribers. You need to make sure you are fully equipped to take full advantage when an opportunity for a new email newsletter subscriber arises, whether this is online or offline.

Many business owners and website designers will put an embedded form on a business website, where someone can click on the form to subscribe to the email newsletter. This embedded email newsletter subscription form could be in the sidebar or footer of the email or even via a pop-up window that captures new subscribers from new visitors to your website.

If you use social media platforms and have an active online presence through social media then why not add an email newsletter subscriber sign up form to your facebook business page? Alternatively you could use lead generation cards through Twitter which will allow to quickly and easily turn your fans and followers into subscribers of your email newsletter.

Maybe you are looking for a way to interact with your customer at events, conferences, exhibitions and trade shows? Why not take a tablet with you and get them to fill in a quick survey or just their details? Or you could collect business cards of people that want to subscribe to your email newsletter and you can add them on to your email newsletter mailing list at a later time?

You email newsletter mailing list will be constantly changing and this is normal, you just need to make sure you keep on top of it – don’t send too many email newsletters but also make sure you send enough. Your email newsletter mailing list is a list of potential clients so treat is carefully.