Clubbercising For Turkey And Syria

At the end of March, I will be joining one of my clubbercise instructors and a Zumba instructor to raise essential funds for those people in Turkey and Syria affected by the devastating earthquakes. These earthquakes took place earlier in February. I appreciate that Clubbercising for Turkey and Syria is only a small thing. However, if we all do a little something, we could really help others in need.

I will be Clubbercising for Turkey and Syria with local Peterborough Clubbercise instructor Sarah. This is before I will start Zumba-ing with local Peterborough Zumba instructor Michelle. The event will take place on Friday 31st March in Peterborough. It will last for 2 hours. It costs just £15 per person. There will also be a raffle during the evening. This is where you can raise more money for the charity. You will also have the chance of winning some great prizes too.

I have been attending clubbercise classes with Sarah once or twice a week for around a year now. Based on this, I can confirm that she is fabulous at teaching classes. The steps are easy to pick up and they’re brilliant tunes too. Meanwhile, I attended a Zumba fundraiser last year where Michelle was one of the Zumba instructors. I can assure you that Michelle will make it a great fun event of high energy and lots of giggles.

If you would like to attend and join me in Clubbercising for Turkey and Syria, then you can do so by booking here. The tickets are just £15 and don’t forget to bring some coins for the raffle too. Sarah works for Tata Consultancy Services as her ‘real job’. They have kindly said that they will match fund all money raised up the value of 200,000 Euros. This means that for every £15 ticket purchase, £30 will be donated to charity.

The money raised by Clubbercising for Turkey and Syria will be sent to UNICEF. UNICEF are moving quickly to respond to the needs of thousands of families and children that were impacted by the major earthquakes on 6th February 2023. Multiple earthquakes took place in the early hours of 6th February and at least 317 aftershocks struck the area too. This left thousands of people without food and shelter. They were in need of urgent medical and psychosocial assistance. Reports show that more than 3,000 people, including children, are reported dead. Many more thousands are injured, and the casualties are expected to rise.

If you can help by donating some money to be doubled by Tata Consultancy Services, I know the organisers would be really grateful. Feel free to book your space to attend the event here. If you would like to donate a raffle prize, please let me know.