Here at Creative Content Company we know that the world of online marketing is seen as more of a magic spell than real work. This can result in lots of myths and mistruths surrounding the world of online marketing. One of these myths is that click through rate is everything. However, this isn’t the case.

Let’s start by looking at what the click through rate means. It’s also known as CTR. The click through rate can be seen by looking at your Google analytics of your website. This will indicate how many people have clicked on your website in the rankings. It will show how many visitors then landed on a page within your website. These figures will show if the visitor went elsewhere or ‘clicked off’ of that page. It will show if they left the website at that point too.

A good click through rate is a good thing. It means that the visitor to your website liked what they saw. It shows that they wanted to find out more about you, your business or what you do.

However, it may also mean that they had to go somewhere else for the information they expected to see on the page they landed on.

Meanwhile, a lower rate might mean they found what they wanted. They then called to order from you.

Instead of focusing on your click through rate, what you really need to look at is how successful your website is. If you are gaining lots of traffic to your website, converting these visitors into paying customers and maximising sales for your business – then your website is successful.

A good click through rate is a positive sign, but it isn’t the be all and end all of website success. Take a look at your call to actions on the landing pages. What do you ask the visitor to do next? Do they need to go to another page, or can everything be done in one click and on one page?

When you know that, you’ll know what sort of click through rate you want to see for your website.