Just a quick update to let you know about our Christmas opening hours. This blog is also to reassure our clients that we are still here for them. So, this is what you can expect from us. We have also included when you can get hold of us over this festive holiday and how.

As of 3pm on Tuesday 21st December we will be shutting down for the Christmas holidays.

This is because my stepchildren and coming to stay. We have lots of festive fun planned. This includes a Christmas light trail, trip to the cinema, elf workshop day and more. If it is an emergency, you can call me at this time. However, I may not be able to answer straight away or there may be a lot of background noise and excitement going on.

As of the 28th December I am off for a short break to Cornwall with my partner and two good friends. Again, I will be contactable in case of an emergency, but signal could be poor. We will also be doing a lot of walking so you could get a very breathy reply as I try to catch my breath!

Creative Content Company will be returning to business as normal on Wednesday 5th January. At this time, we will respond to any emails that haven’t been dealt with over the Christmas period. We will also begin work for the month ahead.

Please note, if you have already booked work with us, such as social media posting or blog posts, you will have this before we close on 21st December. All social media posts have been scheduled until our return. But if you need anything adding just send it over and we will do our best. The booked blogs are being written as you read this. So, there shouldn’t be any delays.

While you may be looking forward to the Christmas break to catch up on work you might be behind on, remember that you need a break too. Take some time for you, relax and enjoy the festive period. Your mind and body will thank you for it when you return in the new year.

So, these are our Christmas opening hours. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and an extremely prosperous New Year.