We know that blog post ideas aren’t easy for everybody. This is why we offer a blog post idea service where we can send you blog post ideas to use yourself. However, today, we have decided to share some free charity blog post ideas that can be used by charities.

It doesn’t matter is every single charity in the UK uses these charity blog post ideas because every charity will have a different thing to say, a different tone and a different take on our idea. That’s the great thing about blogging; it’s your opinion so there is no wrong answer.

Three times a month we share blog post ideas for different industries, sectors or business types. Keep your eyes peeled for blog post ideas for your business! In the meantime feel free to share these charity blog post ideas with others.

Did You Know

A blog post about an unknown fact is a great idea. The title of the post could be Did You Know 10 people a day die because of (insert ‘thing’). In the blog post you then talk about that ‘thing’ and what your charity is doing to overcome this and improve the lives of others. Then talk about what they (the reader) can do to support you.

What Can You Get For £10?

Choose a set amount of money that would ‘buy’ something for your charity. Talk in the blog post about the fact this amount of money could get you a bargain dress on eBay, an expensive coffee from your favourite coffee shop or a starter at your favourite restaurant. Then talk about what the set amount of money could buy your charity or do for your charity. Link to where they can donate.

Monthly Updates

Share monthly updates as blog posts. Talk about how much money has been raised last month, what exciting events have taken place, things coming up, advances within the charity and how people can get involved. This can then be linked back to through social media when sharing what you’ve achieved in the last month.

Volunteer / Supporter Of The Month

Have an interview with a volunteer or supporter each month. Include questions about who they are and their hobbies, why they wanted to get involved and their role within the charity. End the blog post with a bit about why they think others should get involved.

Receiver Spotlight

Receiver is the word you can change here, but it basically means the person that has been on the receiving end of free training, coaching, support or donations from the charity. Talk with them, to get their voice, about what your offerings has helped them achieve and why the charity is so important to them.