As you may have seen from social media, previous blog posts, or even post in your letterbox and inboxes – Creative Content Company are very excited to be celebrating their 5TH YEAR IN BUSINESS!

With worrying stats like more than half of all new businesses failing in their first year, 30% of those failing in the 2nd year and another half in the first 5 years it is a huge achievement to be in our 5th year of business and still have our heads firmly above water.

So, we want to celebrate it!

In July we invited some of our top clients, contacts and supporters to a day at the polo and this was a brilliant event and our way of saying thank-you.

On the 21st September we will be having an open party to anyone that has used our services, met us networking, is a client, wants to be a client, or is just an awesome friend and supporter of Creative Content Company.

There will be music, nibbles, drinks and chat throughout the evening – it is a celebration, but there will also be a chance to network, meet new people and build relationships with people you may have heard of but never met.

We would love it if you could come along and join us in #Celebrating5Years of business.

Our 5th Birthday Party is taking place at Norman Cross Art Gallery on Friday 21st September (2 days before our official birth ‘day’) from 5pm til 7pm.

Please confirm your attendance so we can make sure there is enough food and drink to go round, by emailing Hazel directly or sharing a selfie of yourself with a thumbs up to confirm your coming and the hashtag #Celebrating5Years

And if you’re not sure how to do social media why not drop us a line for some social media training?

We hope you can join us!