As you will know by now; we celebrate 5 years of business this year – and more precisely on 23rd September which was the day that Creative Content Company was born, back in 2013.

In July we took some our top clients, supporters and networking buddies to a day at the polo to thank them for their support over the years.

The BIG PARTY was 21st September where there was an open event at Norman Cross Art Gallery with music, drinks and nibbles for some networking and celebrating with those that have worked with us, want to work with us, are past and previous clients, want to be clients, have supported us, known of us, and just those people that fancy celebrating with us.

Then – on 7th October we have booked a row of stands to thank a few of our clients that have been there for us and we want to help them too.

We have bought a stand for ourselves, and on either side you will find some of our clients who we want to say thank-you too, but also want to help and think this event will help them with brand awareness, attracting their target audience and meeting new people.

We have also booked a stand for our chosen charity of the year and a charity we work closely with – Light Project Peterborough, who support and help the homeless people of Peterborough get back on their feet.

You’ll see us all along the window at the Business Booth in Peterborough so please do come and say Hi – whether you know us or not, you will definitely receive a warm welcome, and we might even let you have a birthday cupcake too! It will be clear that we are #Celebrating5Years

This is an awesome event; we have been a few times now and really enjoyed it. If it wasn’t a good event we wouldn’t keep going and we certainly wouldn’t be bringing our clients too! Hope to see you there.