Very recently a client contacted us, he had just started a brand new company and he wanted to know how to do social media. He understood the benefits of social media and blogging but didn’t have a clue where to start so he asked if we could offer some social media training to him.

A few days later we sent out Hazel, our Director, to meet the client for a coffee and some social media training. The client was already on Facebook and Twitter but following and engagement was pretty low. The client had a presence but was doing nothing with it – however he had made a start which was great.

Hazel and the client spoke for around two hours; she shared some top tips with the client to make things easier for him and helped him set up time saving apps straight away. Hazel also advised the client on different things he could post to get followers and fans involved and engaged.

A few months later hazel noticed the client had gone quiet on the social media front so she dropped him a line to see if there was something he was struggling with, if they needed another catch up or if he was okay. It turned out that business was going so well that the client no longer had time to post on social media platforms – even with time saving tips Hazel had shared with him. The client then asked if the Creative Content Company could help out with Social Media Management for his business so a meeting was set up and the Creative Content Company took the client on.

We started posting on social media platforms on behalf of the client on the Monday, two posts later we receive an email on the Tuesday morning for the client. A customer had contacted him for a quote through Facebook. The client and customer had met before but never really spoken business. The customer saw one of the posts on Facebook and saw how the clients business could help him and contacted him for a quote.

The following Wednesday, (ten days into the social media campaign), and we found people engaging with the client on Facebook and Twitter. They were chatting about the industry and really beginning to form a relationship with the client.

The moral of the case study is to stay fresh in your potential customer’s minds. This client had met the customer before, but the customer had not considered using his services… having seen a post showing the benefits on Facebook the customer realised how the client’s services could help him.

Within two days this client had business that paid for nearly four months of our social media management services!

Just imagine what we could do for your business?