A client came to us recently, she had been on Facebook for a while and nothing was happening. She posted when she got the chance (which she admitted was not frequently – lots and lots for a few days then nothing for a few weeks).  Every post she wrote was of good quality but nobody was liking, sharing or even commenting and sadly she was starting to lose hope with Facebook and even her business.

This client offered a service for business and therefore had not invited her Facebook friends to ‘like’ her Facebook business page, when we were offered the chance to take on the Facebook Management for her business we jumped at the chance. This was an excellent business and we were really keen to help out.

The first thing we did was to invite her friends. We explained to the client that you never know who your potential clients are and where they might be hiding, and you never know who knows who. Imagine if you post something and your friend shares it? They are then sharing that post with all of their friends and who knows who they’re friends are?

Well, it turned out one of this client’s customers were a little closer to home than she originally realised. After just one month of managing the Facebook campaign the client got a message from a school friend who ran a craft business. Our client had no idea her friend ran a craft business. They arranged to meet later that week, the client agreed the price for the services and a month’s payment for the services alone paid for our Facebook management services for five months!

I’m sure you’ll agree with us and the client; this service was well worth the money!

The morale of this case study is that you never know where your potential clients could be hiding so stay active on social media platforms, they really do work!