I had another fantastic event at St Peters School today with their Yr 10 students for the as part of their careers day. This includes stands that students can visit, a presentation from 6th form and the careers carousel where they can sit with three different industries / sectors and ask questions in small groups.

Having attended this event previously I thought it was brilliant, again – the students and focused, engaged and interested. We have 60 students every 45minutes and this was made up of 3 groups of students who chose to speak to us – I was speaking as part of online marketing and also as a business owner.

The school had provided a sheet of questions to avoid any awkward moments but these were very few and far between as the students had chosen to sit with each business and wanted to find out about that sector / industry. There were 12 business people at different tables and I had groups of between 3 and 8 throughout the event – although I definitely felt I was on repeat by the end of the 9th Q & A session.

I was really impressed at the questions the students asked and their ambitions for the future. There were also many students like I was who were unsure of what to do when they ‘grew up’ so I could see the relief in their faces when I explained I was just like them. In fact Facebook never even existed when I was at school and the internet wasn’t that popular either so my current career was not even an option.

Being able to inspire students but also help them understand that grades (I confirmed how I did at school & swore them to secrecy) aren’t all that and you can achieve whatever you want if you really put your mind to it.

If you get the chance to help students in any school I highly suggest you grab it with both hands – why not inspire the future workers and also get that rewarding feel-good feeling too?

I am currently Project Manager for a mentor project with special needs students and it would be brilliant if you would like to mentor with me; it will be certainly be rewarding!

Thank you again St Peters School for having me, I shall definitely be happy to attend this careers event next year.