We meet a lot of people through networking events locally and our own Creative Networking events, we speak with clients who are creating their own About Us Page and those clients that are setting up their social media accounts for their business… and sometimes, we are left wondering what the person actually does? Or even “Would your Grandma be able to understand that?”

When you go to a networking event you will often meet new people and these people will tell you what they do, some people will very simple tell you that they are a Virtual Assistant so they are like a receptionist for your business, for less money and they’re based somewhere else doing all the admin stuff you don’t want to.

We are often asked what we do, we say that we write content and copy for websites and blogs, we teach business how to use social media or we manage their social media accounts for them. Whereas others may say “We make your life easier”, tell you that they are a “Wet Leisure Assistant” a “Family Protection Consultant” or even a “Coordinator of Imperative Teaching” – but what does that mean, does that make sense to you?

When you are practicing your networking introduction pitch, you’re writing your About us page for your website or you’re completing your bio or portfolio for social media platforms for the business you need to think if your Grandma would understand it.

However, there are some differences. For example, my Grandma would not be able to understand what I do in the 160 characters offered in a Twitter bio. This isn’t because I don’t explain it clearly, instead it’s because she doesn’t (or at least didn’t) know what social media was so it was a bit tricky to explain what I did without a grasp of where I did it.

But, with a little (lot of) patience and explaining, my Grandma understands what I do. I now listen to how my Grandma and other people describe to their friends about what I do and then I use that as pointers – because they are using language that ‘normal’ people understand – people that aren’t in my industry, but may need something from my industry.

So when talking about what your business does, think “Could My Grandma Understand This?”

(That is my Grandma above)