Users of search engines like Google will often be using the search engine to find answers to their queries, this is really the ultimate purpose of a search engine – to deliver sets of answers to the users questions and Google is great at doing exactly this.

People want to be able to use search engines like Google to type in a query and then be presented with a selection of websites, articles, blog posts, pictures, infographics, links and videos that answer their query.

When people use a search engine like Google what they ultimately want is an answer to their query and it is the search engines job to deliver that answer. But can provide answers to the search engine users’ query?

Many people aren’t just reading a blog post, viewing and in depth infographic or watching a video tutorial for the fun of it, instead they are reading, watching and viewing because they want an answer so they can gain knowledge on the topic.

It’s important to remember that users of search engines want their answers quickly so make sure that you cannot just answer their question, but you can also do it quickly so make sure your answer can be skimmed through and the reader can pick up the juicy and important bits that they need.

But how can you answer their questions? You can title the website content or blog post with the question; this is often a question that is frequently asked by your customers either face to face, by the phone or via contact forms.

You will often find that titles of website content and blog posts leave the reader with a question or a sense of curiosity to find out more, the content writer of the website content or the blog post will then deliver the answer in a way that is easy for the reader to understand.

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