Whatever your opinion of prisoners, be it good or bad – you can’t help but feel for the children of those in prison. They didn’t ask for their mummy or daddy to do a bad thing and go to prison, yet they are the ones without a mummy or daddy in their home this Christmas.

Every year Peterborough Prison are aware of the families of prisoners and do all they can to help them. At the Achievement Days, which are held in December and celebrate the good things done by those inmates at Peterborough Prison, Father Christmas gives presents to the children of the mums or dads that have been recognised for doing something good.

However, these presents need to come from somewhere and this is why I am writing a blog – Peterborough Prison are requesting gifts or toys for Father Christmas to give to these children that come on the Achievement Day to see their mummy or daddy get a certificate. Can you or do you know someone that can help donate toys for Father Christmas to give?

If you are a business that is able to donate gifts and toys for this special occasion and amazing cause we can publicly thank you in the prison, so everybody knows that you helped Father Christmas and Peterborough Prison save Christmas for children with parents in prison.

I am also looking for guest speakers who would like to come on the day to do some motivational or inspirational speaking at Peterborough Prison, either on the male or female side. It’s a 10 minute presentation that just motivates the inmates and their families, when they may be feeling low as Christmas, a time for families, approaches.

Please can you share this blog post with people you know that may be able to help save Christmas for the children of those parents that will be in prison this Christmas.