Yes – in short, the answer is yet, but that would make this a pretty short blog post and that wouldn’t help our marketing team. So instead we will explain how blogging can help your marketing team and why it is considered a key ingredient in any digital marketing recipe.

Blogging Helps Your Marketing Team Because It Drives Traffic To Your Website

The main aim of a blog post is to drive traffic to your website, to get more visitors to your business so you can get more leads, to make more conversions to get more sales and customers for your business. The more visitors you have to your site, the more pages that are viewed and the more conversions that take place the higher your website will rank on search engines. When you write consistent and remarkable website content with relevant keywords for your business your website will rank better.

Blogging Helps Your Marketing Team Because It Converts Visitors Into Leads

While a person popping to your website is a good thing, it’s not enough – you need to generate sales to ensure a successful marketing campaign and business. While a call to action or a big red button that says ‘buy now’ may convert some customers, you need to take the visitors to your website on a journey – and that is what you do through blogging. The first step in the process is to give the reader some interesting content, something that will help them or they’ll find useful; that is where your buyer’s journey should begin. Offering lots of blog posts like this will help hook in more visitors to your website, and additional blogs and pages on your website can guide them through your website to hopefully becoming customers.

Blogging Helps Your Marketing Team Because It Establishes An Expertise

By blogging you are showing people you are experts in your industry, you know what you do, you know how it works and you want to help other people too. This is essential to your brand and can be done easily through blogging. A regularly updated industry blog page works as a platform for you to promote your business and this will make you seem informative, and in turn trustworthy. By establishing yourself as an expert in the industry you will soon become a preferred source for your product or service.

Blogging Helps Your Marketing Team Because It Allows You To Share Content With Ease

It is not always easy for businesses to create word of mouth about events and offerings, but by creating and distributing a blog post on that topic you can then easily share it across multiple platforms for your target audience to see. Blogging and social media really work hand-in-hand for this reason; blogs give you something to share on social media and are super easy for others to share to their audience too.

If you need help blogging to support your marketing team then give us a call; we would be happy  to help!