If you have a small business that only works locally, local search is for you. By a local small business, we mean a plumber, electrician, high street store, hairdresser, or similar. A business that can only have clients in the local area. If this is your business, then you need to think about local search marketing for small businesses.

A great place to start is Google My Business. This is a tool that can be used easily as a location-based tool. It’s made through Google, so pretty likely to stay for the long-term. It’s the information that comes up on the first page when you are looking for services in the local area. It has the map and top businesses in the area.

It’s really easy to add information about your business. Just have things like your web address and social media links to hand. These will all make up part of the Google My Business listing. You can add your business address, telephone number and more. It’s a good idea to add information about what you sell or what your business offers too.

The focus on local search marketing for small businesses then needs to move to user created content. This includes things like reviews from your customers, photos they’ve taken in your restaurant and more. These are the things that show you as a ‘real business’ to both Google and your target audience.

As clients leave photos, reviews and opinions about your business, this becomes apart of your profile. It is then shared with everyone looking for your service or business offering in the chosen local area.

There are lots of different ways that you can encourage user-created content for your local business. For example, you could ask online or via social media. You could also ask when people are in your business or when they have made a purchase with you. Why not offer some form of reward for posting about your business online. This could be a discount off their next order with you, a free drink in the bar or dessert with their meal for example.

Through these photos and reviews you will create a compelling profile. Whether people live in the area or want to come to the area, they will see how well promoted your business is. In addition to this you can do local social media posting and local blog posts. Again, these will back up and confirm that you are a real business in the local area.

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