We have all seen those people that tweet every other word with a hash tag, the “Oh My #God I just #Bought some #New #Shoes from #AnnoyingShop – so #Happy #Today” – I used to think I was the only person that found these sorts of tweets annoying but it seems I was wrong, many of us find these sorts of tweets annoying.

New research has shown that while hashtags in tweets will help with the engagement of a tweet, which helps to start build a relationship with your target audience, if you ‘over hashtag’ it can actually reduce the amount of engagement the tweet gets, and if your target audience are like me you may find yourself being unfollowed too!

It has been reported that if you post a tweet that has one or two hashtags in it you will have two times more engagement that if you post a tweet with no hashtags, so it is worth using hashtags in your tweets as they clearly work.

It has also been reported that if you have one or two hashtags in your tweets you will experience 21% higher engagement than those tweet your upload with 3 or more hashtags – so this is where it starts to get interesting. When it comes to hashtags in tweets it really isn’t the more the merrier, try and limit your hashtags when tweeting.

Following on from the last statistic, it has also been reported that there is a 17% drop in the engagement with a tweet when there are more than two hashtags in a tweet, so clearly people think that mulitiple hashtags look spammy and this results in even less engagement for your brand and with your tweets – which kind of goes against why you are tweeting in the first place doesn’t it?

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