We’ve previously written about putting ‘call to actions’ on your website as a way of getting the visitor to your website to do something. However, call to actions work well on social media too – in this article we give you some top tips on how you can put call to actions in your social media to make it work better for you. 

Post questions on Facebook instead of statements, it has been reported that posts with questions get 92% higher engagement and comments than posts without questions. Putting a question at the end of a post often results in a higher comment rate than questions asked earlier on in the post.

* You’ve just found a really cool photo or video and you think your audience will love it – hold fire from writing “Check This Out”, instead asking readers to suggest captions for the photo or even asking followers to ‘fill in the gap’. On average this leads to 4 times as much interaction and engagement as other posts that state “Check This Out”.

* Promotions can work really well on social media when they’re done right – words like winner, win and giveaway really got followers doing something, whereas words like discount, £s off, voucher, clearance, % off were not as popular so make sure you think about your wording when offering promotions.

* Twitter has researched tweets at random and found that tweets including a link and asking the reader to download it gains around 13% more clicks than other tweets – It’s a great way to engage with your audience.

* Don’t feel afraid to ask followers to retweet your tweets on Twitter, keep it short and simple and then put ‘Please Retweet’ instead of ‘PLS RT’ as it’s more likely the followers will retweet the tweet for you.

If you would like more top tips for social media management or you’d like some social media training drop us a line, we are always happy to offer guidance or answer any queries.