We often share blog posts with stats to show readers the importance of doing something, like writing regular blog posts for example, or to confirm the importance of using social media, but we recently came across some interesting stats for business newsletters and we would like to share some tips to help make your business e-newsletters more successful;

Newsletter Stat One: 73% of email newsletter receivers make the decision to click on spam or junk email based purely on the ‘from’ line in the email.

Newsletter Tip One: To remove the risk of having your business contacts mark your business email newsletter as spam or junk make sure you use a well-known (to them) or recognised name to represent your brand; the thing you want to avoid as the ‘from bar’ are email addresses like marketing@ or sales@ for example.

Newsletter Stat Two: 33% of people receiving an email newsletter have images in their email provider turned on by default.

Newsletter Tip Two:  It is highly recommended that a link clearly at the top of your email that allows recipients of your newsletter to view an online version of your business email newsletter as this will resolve any cases of inbox display issues for those receiving your emails.

Newsletter Stat Three:  40% of the recipients of your business newsletter state that receiving an email from a company has a positive impact on the likelihood of them making a purchase from the company or brand in the future.

Newsletter Tip Three: To ensure your business newsletter is quickly recognised as your business and your brand you need to position your logo clearly as this will make it more likely that the receiver will read the email from you while growing your brand awareness; it is a good idea to match the style and colours of your newsletters to your logo and your business website because then it will be easily recognisable.