When it comes to blogging for your business it may feel like one more thing to add to the list, and for many businesses it is that one more thing that stays at the bottom of every to-do list, never getting done and before you know it you haven’t written a blog for your website for over 6 months, a year or even 2 years.

You wouldn’t believe how many websites I see and on their blog they have the first ever blog posts that excitedly confirms they will keep this blog up to date with fresh offers, exciting news and the latest goings on within their business…. Then 6 years later that is still the latest blog post and nothing else has been written since… does that mean that nothing else has happened in that business for the last six years?

Don’t get me wrong, we know blogging can be tricky to come up with ideas and it’s time consuming too – but it is also essential to make sure you show google your website is an active and regularly updates website so we have put together some business blogging tips for you which will hopefully help you keep on top of the regular blog posts for your business.

Firstly it is important to be yourself, don’t pretend to be something you’re not because you will soon get caught out. As you can tell in our blog posts, we write as if we were talking and that keeps it ‘real’ (as the kids say), but it also means our target audience get to know who we really are.

Make sure you stay positive too, don’t put down to competition, talk badly of others in the industry or be negative about your own business. It’s exactly the same as when you are down the pub, you want to be around happy and positive people – not the negative old codger in the corner, so bear that in mind when your blogging for your business.

We’ve said it before and we will say it again, when blogging for your business make sure you keep it regular. If you choose a certain day  of the week to upload blog posts then stick to it, remember if you do this that you can write the blog posts any time of the week, you just need to publish them on the same day – we would recommend one new blog post on your website at least once or twice a week.

Try and put one image on every blogpost you write, and more if you want to. Images will break blog posts up and make them more enjoyable to read. Images on your main blog page will also give you something to attach to social media posts when you share links to the blog posts and it will look more interesting too.

Whatever happens, keep blogging fun and if you’re not enjoying it then you’re doing it wrong so pass it on to someone else in your business or find a blog writer to write the blog posts for your business for you. Only do what you enjoy in business!