We talk to lots of business owners that don’t really understand business blogging. Blogging for your business is not blogging about your business. This is often something that contacts ask us – they ask why people would want to read about their new office desk, a new contract they’ve got or what the have all had for lunch.

And they’re right – nobody would want to read that.

Your employees don’t want to read that as they are either busy at work, or busy taking time out from work.

Your partner certainly doesn’t want to read a blog post like that because they hear about all the time when you are home. They probably know your business inside and out already; they don’t want to read a blog post about it too.

Your customers don’t want to read about your new office desk or what you had for lunch because they just want to know about how what you sell helps them.

This doesn’t leave many people to read your blog post about your business and while the blog will be a great update to your website which helps your SEO and helps you increase that Google love, but if you do business blogging, instead of blogging about your business you will gain more from your blogs.

Your business blog should not be a place for dumping regular press releases, although you can upload some now and again. Instead, your business blog can talk about how your services help people; you can share local news and industry updates, share tips and pointers with your audience along with much more.

Your business blogs shouldn’t be about your business, but instead how you can help the readers business!