Coming up with blog post ideas and topics can be tricky for a lot of business owners. This is why we have put together some business blog post ideas that will hopefully inspire you. You can use these ideas yourself, or they may inspire other business blog post ideas for you too. If you need help with business blog writing, just contact our business bloggers in Peterborough.

So, let’s get started with our business blog post ideas to inspire you.

  • Most Visited Blog Posts

Take a look at the visits, audience, analytics and comments on your blog posts. Which blog posts on your website are the most visited and most popular. Think about how you can create new blog posts and fresh content that can link back to these blog posts to make them more popular. Are there other titles or subjects you can cover to go alongside or as a series connected to the popular blog posts?

  • Your Challenges

Here in the UK, we are all about supporting the underdog. We love a good moan. This is why the challenges you are facing are a good blog post idea. It makes you and your business more ‘real’. Just like everyone else, you face challenges too. You can then talk about your success in overcoming the challenge. This will let you blow your own trumpet and be proud of what you have overcome and achieved.

  • Old Blog Posts

Go through your old blog posts and see if you can create them again with a fresh take. You could link back to the original blog posts and talk about how things have changed since then. Maybe the old blog is outdated and could do with being updated. Perhaps there are new stats that you could share in the blog post. Does the blog need to be added to, refreshed, or can a new blog be created to reflect on it?

These are just three business blog post ideas that you can gain from existing blog posts on your website. If you need help coming up with new blog post ideas or topics, contact us. Our team of business blog writers are always happy to help where we can. Plus – we are always full of blog ideas!