Website content is such a great way of building up trust with the reader, allowing them to see you as a trusted friend and therefore they will be encouraged to buy a product or service from you now or in the future. This article will help you understand how you can build trust with your website content.

Be Factual, Be Accurate

When writing content for your website make sure it’s factual but also ensure that your facts are accurate. Where you can include where you got the information or data from then do, also quote trusted groups or authorities within your industry for additional trustworthiness.

Be True To The Brand

Although we encourage our clients to upload one or two blog posts a week on their website, we want our clients to stay true to their brand. Only put content on your website that conforms to the purpose of your website.

Respect Copyright

Don’t copy and paste content from another website, not only does this make you look bad when you’re found out but you can also receive a duplicate content penalty from Google which can result in your website dropping down the rankings of search engines.

Stay Up To Date

Make sure the content on your website is up to date, for example update the website pages and content when legislations changes, additional services or products come onto the market. The visitor to your website will expect that the content on your website will be up to date.

Be Available

Publish your contact details somewhere on the website, the reader may want to know who wrote the website content and a little bit about them – this is a great way of building a relationship with your visitor, encouraging a connection.

Whenever you are writing content for your website think about different ways in which you can get the reader to trust you and how you become their trusted online friend for your industry.