While social media posts and profiles are not classed as an SEO ranking factor by Google officially, they do have an impact on your SEO strategy. We have seen this many times for our clients and other online marketing agencies have seen this too. It is possible to build SEO trust signals with social media.

For many businesses, social media is an integral marketing tool and an essential part of many businesses marketing campaigns. Here at Creative Content Company, we get lots of questions about why businesses should be active on social media. We are also asked about the benefits of social media for business. We rarely mention the SEO benefits and the way social media builds SEO trust signals for Google.

Good social media management can benefit the SEO of your business in many ways. Building SEO trust signals is just one of these ways.

Think about when you are doing your shopping online. You search for a product or service on Google. If you find it is from a new company, you check the company is trustworthy. So how do you check that you can trust them with your order and your hard-earned cash.

One way is to check their social media presence. You check how active they are on social media, if they have posted regularly. It’s a good idea to check their reviews on social media too and see what their audience are saying about them. Look at how they engage with their audience. Are they responding to bad reviews or questions about their products? How long have they been on social; media for?

All these things are taken into account when we are looking to make a purchase of a new business. It’s likely that your target audience are making the same checks on your too.

This is why it is so important that keep your social media profiles active and updated. If you have a link to a social media profile on your website that you don’t use, get rid of it. This will negatively affect your SEO trust signals.

Share posts on social media that showcase your amazing customer services and your latest products or services. Show off how you help your customers with their pain points. Share engaging posts that are relevant to your audience. Respond to your audience that engage with you.

This will all help towards building SEO trust signals for your business with social media. These trust signals will not only be seen by your target audience, but by Google too. Trust is hugely important when it comes to high-ranking positions on search engines. This is just one of the ways that you can build trust for your business.