Every business should be looking to boost their engagement on social media. The basic reason for this is that it means you have an engaged audience and a better relationship with them. However, the more engagement you get on social media, the bigger your reach is on that platform. This means that more people will see your brand on social media. In turn, it means that more people could potentially buy from your business and engage further with your brand on social media.

One way to boost your engagement on social media is with questions.

Just like when you go on a first date, or meet someone for the first time at a business networking event. You talk to them and ask questions to find out more. By asking questions, instead of just talking ‘at’ people you will get to know them better. This will also help you build a better relationship with them. 

It’s exactly the same on social media. The more you talk with people and ask questions on social media, the more you will boost your engagement.

So, how can you boost your engagement on social media with questions? We have put some examples of questions below for you. Feel free to use these ideas of questions yourself, or use them to come up with your own question ideas that work better for your business.

  • Share 2 or more pictures of your products and ask which is better? This could be different nails, dresses, cars or cocktails for example.
  • What Would You Do? Talk about something that happened or is happening in your business and ask your audience what they would do. This can be as light-hearted as which biscuits to buy in the office, or who’s turn it is to make the coffees for example.
  • Take a photo of yourself in an unusual place and ask your audience to guess where you are. We did this when we went to see our client Peterborough School. It’s a stunning building and something that got lots of engagement as everyone tried to guess where we were.
  • A quiz question is a great idea too. Ask a question that is relevant to your business. You can let people put their answer below in the comments or offer multiple choice. Either way, this will help boost the engagement as people try to guess the answer and prove their intelligence.

These are just some ideas of how you can boost your engagement on social media with questions. If you’d like some more ideas, speak to our social media management team.