Here at Creative Content Company we are always happy to offer tips and pointers to help business owners or those that have been given the task of blogging within their business. In this article we are focusing on blog writing tips, to help with the actually writing of the blog post.

Write Content That Is Timeless

When it comes to the online world, old content is often perceived as irrelevant and can make your blog or website look outdated, old or out of touch. When writing a blog post you want to create a resource, you don’t want to write a newspaper.

Some people will avoid using dates on their blog posts for exactly this reason; we keep the dates on our blog posts so viewers can see how active we are. We also right some dated posts that will be relevant to something that is happening at a certain time, but a large majority of our blog posts are timeless and have been made that way so they can be read and shared for years to come.

Don’t Do Too Much or Too Little

When you’re writing a blog post make sure you don’t write too much or too little. If you write too little the reader may feel conned into coming to your website as there is not enough information but if you write too much you risk boring the reader and they may click off and read a shorter article on a similar topic elsewhere.

We recommend aiming for 300-600 words, but other blogging experts will recommend that you aim for at least 300 words and no more than 1000 words. You can write that many words but make sure what you’re writing is interesting and laid out in a way that isn’t boring.

Get To The Point

If you are writing a blog post don’t just vomit out words to your audience. Nobody wants to read your blog to see just random babble. Have a point to your blog post and stick to it. Having a title that explains what readers can expect from the blog post will help you to stay on topic and have a point.

We often encourage our clients to blog at least once or twice a week but we are always stressing that you should never just blog for bloggings sake. Quality of blog posts is more important than the quantity of blog posts.

Don’t forget to keep coming by for more tips to help you with your blogging and blog posts for your business!