There are lots of advantages to blogging for business. Many of these we have spoken about in other blog posts. However, something we haven’t mentioned before is how blogs help build relationships. Your blog posts will help you build relationships with your target audience, potential customers and existing clients.

In recent years the focus of marketing has started to move away from a sales only focused approach. Sales are still a key goal in digital marketing strategies. However, this goal has been met with others. This is because the everyday consumer has many more places that they can shop. The result of this, is that they have higher expectations.

This is where blogging comes in. You can use blogs to help build relationships. Your blog posts can address the concerns, needs and pain points of your target audience. Through your blogs, you can show yourself as a useful resource. The blogs will help portray you as that ‘helpful friend’ and that you want to help them solve their problems.

Not every person that reads your blog post will want to purchase from your business right away, However, the blogs help build relationships. This means that when the consumer is ready to purchase the service or product, they will remember you. The relationship that the blog post has built will encourage them to come back to your website later.

Your blog post gives your target audience the first impression of your business. Through good quality, useful, relevant and engaging blog posts, they will like what they read. Your target audience will spend longer on your website. This means they will learn more about you, your business and what you do.

This will all help towards building a relationship with the consumer. In turn the relationship will get stronger as the consumer purchases from you. This will lead to further purchases and recommendations to their friends and family too.

If you need help with blogs that help build relationships, call us now. Our bloggers can give you a list of blog titles to choose from. Alternatively, we can create blog posts to the titles and topics of your choice.