If you are anything like us you’ll hate the hard sell; we are in business to do what we enjoy and this certainly doesn’t include hounding people with emails, cold calling to levels of huge annoyance or even going in for the hard sell at a networking event.

What we love doing is helping businesses achieve more with their online presence, we don’t want to charge the earth for this nor do we want to become millionaires over night by charging extortionate prices. We just want to be known as a company that can be turned to and trusted for online marketing advice and guidance.

So we feel we are best placed for offering some blog topics and blog post ideas that will help you avoid going in for the hard sell.

• Share Case Studies talking about why a client approached you, there problem or ‘thing’ that they needed a solution to, how you helped them / what you did and where they are at now. Ideally this would end with a testimonial or review from the company to confirm that you did a great job.

• Create a blog post that shares your latest or best testimonials – you’re not selling your own services of products, instead your customer or client is selling you for you, shouting about how awesome you are and probably speaking in a better way than you would be comfortable talking about yourself.

• Write a blog post that individually answers those questions that people most commonly ask you face to face, over the phone or by email. By offering these answers before the question is answered then you are showing yourselves as that ‘helpful friend’ but you are also showing that you know how to help your client by answering the questions they are likely to have.

• Talk about how your services will help the reader; By offering the solution to a problem they have then obviously they will be keen to find out more – you are their knight in shining armour.

• Explain how your services product work alongside that of another companies; for example we offer content writing to support web designers. By talking about the benefits of our services to a web designer and writing this in a blog post we find that the web designer then sells our services to their clients which is another way we don’t have to do the hard sell; but the web designer can do, if they so choose.

The idea is that the blog is so engaging that the reader wants to find out more about your business, who you are and what you do. The more they find out the more likely it is that they want to buy a service or product from you – all without you doing the hard sell.