Every month we share blog post topics for a particular industry, business or sector – these are free blog post ideas that people in those businesses can use on their own websites. We do this because we love helping as many businesses as possible, we know businesses struggle with blog topic ideas and to show that we really can come up with blog post ideas for any industry!

This time we have put together free blog post topics for wedding planners, please feel free to share with any wedding planners that you know.

Latest Wedding Trends of 2018

Use this blog post to talk about the latest wedding trends that have been seen so your reader can think about these trends for their own wedding; it also shows you are at the top of your game.

LED Dance Floors Are The Future

Talk about how LED dance floors can now be seen at most wedding fairs and have been seen at many celebrity weddings; talk about the fact they are still a new thing for a wedding so they help achieve that ‘wow’ factor.

The Perfect Backdrop For A Wedding

Use this blog to talk about the different backdrop options available for weddings; the starlight and the benefits of it, the sway style and how this works with a theme and such like.

How Could The Royal Wedding Look?

Discuss the sorts of things that could be seen at Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding; talk about the time of year the wedding is, etc.

Letters Of Love

Talk about the benefits of Love Letters; how they can add to the look and feel of a room, the photo opportunities and how they don’t take up a lot of space but fill empty space perfectly.

Top Table Traditions & Trends

Talk about the different top table lay-outs married couples choose, how these have changes due to step parents, children, etc; also share traditional top table plans.

Wedding Colours To Expect For 2018

Similar to the wedding trends blog post, but this is just for the colours that can be expected; make sure you include flowers, bridesmaid dresses, balloons, bridesmaid dresses and such like.

How To Make Inside Look Outside

Discuss that British weather can never be predicted or replied upon and share ways that an indoor venue can be made to look like an outdoor marquee and how this can be created.