Every few weeks we choose a different business type of industry and come up with blog post ideas and topics that businesses in that industry or sector can use. We always claim that we don’t think there is any industry or business we could not come up with blog post topic ideas and titles for and this time is no different.

We were challenged by a business contact to come up with blog topic ideas for the personal safety industry helping readers protect themselves from pickpockets, fraud and scams for example. Our contact was pretty excited as he thought he had found an industry we couldn’t do – we responded with this list of 20.

If you are in the personal safety industry or know someone that is, please feel free to share or use these blog post topics and ideas;

1.Most Common Pickpocket Tricks

Talk about 3 (or more) of the most common pickpocket tricks that are often used in busy cities and what to look out for to avoid being pick-pocketed.

2.Distraction Street Pickpockets

In this article you can talk about the different street distraction games that are used to distract you while someone else will pick your pocket from; explain how these are common in tourist areas and holiday locations.

3.What To Do When You Are Pick Pocketed

Create a list of what people need to do if they have had their pockets picked, eg: call police, cancel cards and such like. Explain why it is not always best to approach the person that you were pick-pocketed by as they could be dangerous.

4.What Does A Pickpocket Look Like?

Explain that there is no traditional look of a pick pocket but instead explain things to look out for or traits / things that pick pockets do and the way they act so people can protect themselves from pickpockets.

5.Gadgets To Protect You From Pickpockets Abroad

List products people can use to protect themselves from pick pockets when they are abroad such as a wallet chain from pocket / belt hook to wallet, a bum bag, hidden boxes to store items on the beach and such like.

6.Top Tips To Avoid Being Pickpocketed

This would be a bullet point or numbered list sharing tips and pointers of how people can avoid pick pockets as well as how they can protect themselves. Each point would be 1-2 lines in length.

7.Top Tips To Protect Yourself Online

As with the previous suggestion this would be a bullet pointed or numbered list with different tips for protecting yourself, your personal details and your bank details / money online.

8.Have You Actually Won The Nigerian Lottery?

Explain how this is a common scam and how to look out for scams like this; explain the email that they will receive and tell-tale signs that this is a spam and non-professional email (eg: bad spelling / grammar and don’t know who you are).

9.Has A Long Lost Relative Left You Vast Sums Of Money?

The same blog can be written for long-lost relative scam as the example above along with other popular and well known email scams, with same points just worded differently including that they would know your name, etc.

10.The Top Ten Worst Places For Pickpockets

Look for research online and choose to either talk about the UK or worldwide, share the stats of different areas for pickpockets and the most common techniques in those areas so people can protect themselves.

11.The Best Bags To Avoid Pickpockets

Recommend different bags that are off-putting to pickpockets and explain the advantage of hidden pockets to hide away more important items such as bank cards, money, passports, keys and similar personal items.

12. Apps To Track Your Pickpocketed Phone

Explain that when your phone is lost it can feel like the end of the world as you have lost numbers, photos, games, etc and then share great apps for tracking down or blocking your mobile phone so it can’t be used if stolen.

13.How To Outsmart Pick Pockets in London

You will be talking about the most common tactics of pick pockets in the chosen area (you could then do Europe, abroad, on holiday, on the train, etc) and what the reader can do to look out for them and protect themselves against them.

14.Types Of Pickpockets

List and explain the different types of pick pockets from young children, distraction techniques, asking for help or directions and gangs. Also give advice for dealing with each type of pickpocket.

15.Maintain Situational Awareness To Avoid Being Pick-pocketed

Using the three headers of Know Your Thief, Know Where They Work and Know Their Tricks to encourage readers to maintain situational awareness; you just need to share advice for each separate heading.

16.How To Secure Your Backpack

Share tips of how the reader can secure their backpack to avoid the risk of a pick pocket. This will include things like locks on zips, bags in front of you when travelling on public transport, not keeping things in side pockets and such like.

17.How To Avoid Looking Like A Tourist

Firstly explain why tourists are more likely to be pick-pocketed and where it is popular / what is likely to be stolen before listing tips and pointers to avoid that ‘tourist look’ that can be tempting for pick pockets.

18.Great Clothing To Deter Pickpockets

Recommend different clothing items that will protect the reader from pickpockets, such as clothes with hidden pockets inside, pockets inside coats, under sole inserts in shoes and even arm cuffs (primarily used for runners).

19.Protect Your Valuables

Explain that it is a good idea to hide the wealth and not splash it around, how some valuables can be left at home and then discuss tips for hiding or camouflaging valuables by putting them in fake sun cream cases and similar.

20.Do’s and Don’ts Of Luggage Storage

Explain what luggage storage is and how it’s great if a hotel offers this so you can explore until your room is ready or until your train / plane arrives but that valuable should never be left in luggage as these rooms can often be entered into by any staff and sometimes other guests too.

Do you have an industry or sector that you think we will struggle to find blog post title ideas for? Then why not try us?