The team here at Creative Content Company have something in our brains that allows us to come up with multiple blog post ideas and blog post topics for a wide range of companies, industries and sectors. We always thought this was normal – but we have since learnt we are far from normal (in more ways than one!).

We offer blog post ideas as a service, but just to show you we really can come up with blog post titles for all sorts of industries – here is an example; feel free to share these ideas with someone you know who may find them useful, they’re free! 

1.The Benefits of Purchasing Specs Online

Talk about the time and money that is saved; that you are free to browse all the glasses without a pushy salesperson or in a busy store, talk about speedy delivery, great value and high quality products as benefits.

2.How Easy Is It To Order Specs Online?

This is your chance to explain the process again in more detail; promoting your website and process as easy to use and using the blog post as a guide for people considering ordering their glasses from your website.

3.The Best Glasses For A ….

This can be continuous blogs based on different face types such as the best glasses for a round face, square face, long face, diamond face and so on – you could start with a beginner blog post (or one at the end) that lists the different face types so people know the sort of face they have and then this blog post links to separate blog posts covering that face type and recommendations.

4.How To Show Off Your Eyes Behind Glasses

This blog can go in one of two ways, or you can create 2 blog posts on this topic – we can aim it art women and talk about eye-makeup under glasses to make your eyes stand out, or recommend different glasses styles that attract attention to the eyes.

5.Get That Specs Appeal & Turn Heads

In this blog post you will talk about the glasses and styles that draw attention to the wearer and turn heads in the street; these could be coloured lenses or frames, larger frames or shaped frames for example.

6.Glasses For Every Outfit

You can use this blog post to show off some of your cheaper glasses and explain that with glasses from just …cost you can afford to match your glasses to your outfit, ideal for any night out – or even recommend a day pair for the office and how to change your look with new glasses for after work dinner and drinks.

7.Get Glasses Like … (A Lister)

Look out for celebs wearing gasses in the media and share similar glasses or the same glasses that your customers can buy; similar to a fashion magazine go for a save, spend or splurge giving 3 different price points that still allow the customer to match the look of their favourite celeb; this could be a reality show, film, red carpet or TV program.

8.Latest Trends From … (supplier)

As you get new glasses and frames in from a supplier share details of this, talk about the newest glasses, if any famous people have been spotted wearing them or if they are public fans of the brand and show your pricing for them to show how much they can save on brand glasses.

9.The Importance Of Regular Eye Tests

Explain the importance of going for regular check-ups and eye-tests as this helps you come across as a company that cares about your customers; talk about the risks of wearing the wrong prescription glasses and such like.

10.Why Choose Us?

This is a blog post that talks about all the amazing things you do as a company and the great things you offer; it’s your chance to brag til the cows come home.