As you will have seen from our own blogs; we write a lot of blog posts and this is because we know that blogs work as a regular update to a website and therefore improve SEO and search engine ranking.

For us it’s easy to come up with blog post ideas but we know this isn’t the case for everyone and in this blog post we would like to offer you some free blog post ideas for hotels.

Why Your Hotel Is Great For…?

This can cover various topics such as children, families, couples, groups of friends, schools and such like. Create a blog post for each style / group of guests that you would like to stay In your hotel. This could include group discounts, regular customer discounts, free parking, wide selection of food, nearby attractions and similar.

Why is ‘Your Area’ Good For…?

Similar as the earlier articles but includes things local attractions, things to do in the local area and places to visit that are suitable for each age group / type and style of guest.

What To Check When Booking A Hotel?

Talk about things like 24hr reception, parking, food, towels provided and checking references on the hotel site and other review sites. Talk about things that you offer but other hotels may not; it’s a clever sales pitch to promote your hotel above others without being too obvious.

Our TripAdvisor Score

Write a blog post about your current trip advisor score and ranking to show that you are good at what you do. Copy and pate some examples of the nice things that previous guests have said and use these in the blog post. You can create similar blog posts for other review sites where your hotel is spoken highly of.

If you need more blog post ideas then give us a call, we would be only too happy to help.

And Yes – if you want to get your hotel found more easily by your target audience, then your hotel website needs regular blog posts to keep it fresh and up to date.