One of our increasingly popular services is our blog post ideas service; it is for people that have the time to write blog posts for their business but they are just not sure what to write about. Some business owners are also concerned that their business is just not ‘bloggable’ – not entirely sure that’s a word but let’s go with it.

This is why we create a few blog posts a month with blog post topic ideas so our readers can see we really can come up with blog post ideas for a huge range of industries, sectors and businesses. If you sell fine art please feel free to use these blog ideas yourself or if you know someone that sells fine art why not share this blog post with them?

1.Can Fine Art Become An Investment

Talk about different fine art in the past that has been worth lots of money, how fine art can be an investment and that there is growing interest in fine art for investment instead of investing money in homes and similar.

2.Framing Is A Fine Art

In this blog post talk about how framing can make or break a piece of fine art, give examples of different frames, if fine art always needs to be framed and what frames work with which fine art and how they also have to work with the wall they are to be displayed on.

3.Is Graffiti Fine Art

Discuss the new and emerging artists such as Banksy, Cutup, Cartrain and similar street artists and discuss the points of view about their work being classed as street art, graffiti or fine art before going on to discuss that true beauty and art is personal to individuals.

4.How To Choose The Right Fine Art For Your Home

This could be a bullet point list or a guide with sub headings but it touches on the fact that the home owner needs to like the fine art as they will be looking at it each day, you need to think about where it will be displayed, the size of fine art you want and the sort of fine art and colours you would like for that room.

5.The Many Colours Of Fine Art

Talk about the different colours seen in fine art over the years and how different colours have grown in popularity before explaining the emotive feelings of colours and how different colours make different people feel. Give examples and link to these examples of colour explosions or those with minimal colour.

6.Don’t Match The Fine Art – Contrast It

Explain that when choosing fine art for your home that you do not need to choose fine art that matches the colour, style and theme of a room, instead you can go for contrast in colour and style to make the fine art really stand out and be a feature within a room.

7.Top Tips For Starting Your Fine Art Collection

In this blog post have a bullet point of lists, or number points (as in this example you’re reading) with an example underneath talking about how people can start their own fine art collection, whether they should stick to a chosen subject, colour or even artists and the pros and cons of doing so.

8.Can Fine Art Affect Your Health?

Research has been done to prove that looking at fine art improves your mental health and well-being so use this research in your blog detailing how it can lower stress levels, reduce the risk of depression and improves your emotional outlook and wellbeing. If you can find another research (there is plenty) this could be 4 individual blog posts, one per mental health?

9.How To Protect Your Fine Art

This blog post should be a guide from the very beginning when the fine are is purchased right through to hanging it / putting it on display, where it is displayed and how it can be looked after and kept dust free and undamaged.

10.Increase Productivity In The Workplace With Fine Art

Again we are talking about the emotive feelings matched to fine art, talk about how displaying fine art of certain colours or styles will actually increase the productivity of your workforce, but also go to discuss and recommend fine art for the reception area that will welcome guests warmly and make them feel at home. Throughout you can link to examples.

11.Bonus Blog Post Idea: Fine Art For The Hospitality Sector

Talk about the different styles of fine art that will work in a fine dining restaurant, others that will work in a local country pub and examples that will suit a cocktail or wine bar. Discuss the need for a difference in styles and link this back to examples of each piece of art work that would work in each venue.