As you will have seen from previous blog posts and our shop page, we offer a blog post ideas service. This is where we can offer you a selection of blog topic ideas for your own business or industry which will help you with the next 25 blog posts but also get those creative juices flowing for future blog post too.

We very often speak to clients that think we won’t be able to come up with blog post topics for their business and they are always young; because we are a fresh pair of eyes we can always come up with ideas for all businesses.

In this blog post we would like to give examples of blog post ideas that commercial videographers can use, if you know a commercial videographer please share this blog post with them as some free help;

The Different Types of Commercial Videos

This is a chance to educate your client but also share ideas of videos they may not have considered before. This will include all the different styles of commercial videos you offer including testimonials, product videos, meet the team, case studies, events, interviews, intros and such like.

The Benefits of Commercial Videos

This is actually much wider of a topic than you may have thought. You could have one blog post that talks about the benefits of commercial videos in general but then individual blog posts that talk about the benefits of each different style of corporate video – such as The Benefits of Testimonial Videos for your business. These would then link back to the 2 original blog posts which is known as internal linking and is good for that extra Google Love.

How to Relax For a Corporate Video

People get nervous when going on film so share tips of the trade about how they can relax; this way you will come across as that caring friend. Talk about things like taking a deep breath, preparing, staying calm and practising in the mirror.

How to Prepare For Your Corporate Video

Talk about the different things a client needs to do to prepare for the video such as practising their lines, thinking about who you will film and where they will be filmed, where the film will be used, etc. This will help you as you can share this blog post with clients a few days before you are due to film and it will mean they are prepared for a smooth running project.

How To Choose A Corporate Videographer in …

You can include your local area so you will be found in Google when your target audience need a videographer in that area; it is also a chance to promote why you are a good choice, what you do that is different to others and how you stand out from the crowd without it being too pushy or salesy.

Why Videos Work On Social Media

Talk about why videos are so good for social media platforms, the benefits of videos for social media and share stats that show they work. You could do another similar blog (a few blog later) or the benefits of videos on your website with a similar style and reasons as this blog post.

If you are a videographer struggling for blog post ideas or would like help with writing business blog posts then please feel free to contact us directly and we will see how we can help you.