We regularly share blog post ideas and topics for different businesses, sectors and industries and we do this for two reasons. Firstly we do it to help a business owner in that sector or industry so they have some free ideas for blog posts that will hopefully lead to more of their own ideas, but also more traffic to their website and more potential sales.

The second reason is to show just how likely it is that we can come up with blog posts for any business or client; we don’t think there is any business we could not come up with at least 5 blog post ideas for – don’t believe us? Put it to the test!

Of course this blog post may also help raise awareness of our blog post ideas service but we will class that as an added bonus.

So here are our blog post ideas for window cleaners; if you’re a window cleaner feel free to use them, if you know a window cleaner then please feel free to share this list of blog ideas with them.

• How To Find The Best Window Cleaner You can use this blog post to promote and even boast about what you do by stating the things to look for to choose the best window cleaner, and by making sure they are things that you do or offer. This type of blog post could also be used to gain more local customers as you could include the local geographical location where you would like to gain more clients.

• How To Make A Room Look Bigger In this blog post you can create a bullet point list of things to do to make a room look bigger such as de-cluttering, a rug on the floor, space saving furniture and such like, but then include that clean windows will also help a room look brighter and more spacious.

• Local Events By talking about different events that are taking place in the local area you will help with the local SEO for your website but you can add some lines talking about how they don’t have to waste a weekend cleaning the windows as you can pop round in the week and get that time-consuming chore done for them.

 • Monthly House Chores To Keep Your Home Looking Its Best Once again create a list, but this time list the chores that need to be done around the home on a weekly or monthly basis, maybe also share how long these chores could take to complete and explain how much time they can save by passing the job onto an expert – like you.