We love brainstorming and coming up with ideas for blog posts, recently we asked for people to challenge us with an industry we hadn’t come up with blog post title ideas for before to see if we could come up with something. A business contact suggested a telecoms company and they wanted us to come up with blog post ideas for VoIP blog posts and similar.

We looked at the different keywords that could be used and these are the top ten blog post topic ideas that we came up with;

1. Why Are Businesses in the UK Going Hosted?

A blog discussing the different hosted options open to businesses in the UK including things like the cloud and telephony. Discuss why businesses are turning to hosted services and which sort of businesses are on trend for doing this.

2. The Top 5 Benefits of Hosting Your Phones In The Cloud

Explain that there are lots of benefits to hosting your phone systems in the could, but touch on the top 5 benefits for businesses such as scalability, disaster recovery, reporting and call management, easier control of call costs and a secure system.

3. Are Hosted Telephone Systems Just A Trend?

Discuss how long businesses have been using hosted telephone systems and as much as they are the latest trend list some of the earliest businesses to use hosted telephone systems before talking about the future of hosted telephone systems.

4. Is Now The Right Time For Your Business To Embrace A Hosted Telephony Solution?

Talk about how VoIP options are cheap, scalable and highly flexible and therefore the sooner the business embraces it the easier and better the business will run. Explain how the business can become more competitive for their customers due to the support that hosted telephony can offer.

5. How VoIP Can Make Your Business More Productive?

This is similar to the benefits of VoIP but worded in a different way explaining the ways in which the benefits of VoIP systems can make a business and staff members within the business more productive.

6. Is Price The Main Factor For Businesses Moving To VoIP?

Discuss the factors and reasons businesses move to VoIP and how the price and money that they save is often a main factor in the move, while adding additional reasons that businesses move to VoIP to help share more benefits.

7. What Number Will You Choose?

Use this blog post to explain that VoIP systems allow you to have the telephone contact number of your choice, how local numbers can help, how you can have an ‘office’ in a local area with a VoIP number and explain 03 numbers too and their benefits.

8. How You Can Always Answer The Phone As An Entrepreneur

Explain how the VoIP system will allow a single business owner business to always answer the phone using a landline number that transfers to a mobile phone, the benefits of this and how more reliable it looks for a new business to have a landline number.

9. Top 5 Reasons To Use VoIP For Your Business

Similar to top 5 reasons for hosted telephony, this will talk about similar benefits but with the use of different keywords. Make the content of both articles different by changing the order of benefits, choosing a different number of benefits or adding in other benefits.

10.How Can VoIP Be Used As A Marketing Tool?

Discuss the different ways that VoIP can be used to support marketing in the business, using different numbers for different adverts and contacts to create a smoother result to those connecting through marketing. Discuss how whispers can help at the business end and messages while on hold can promote the business.