We have been sharing a lot of blog topic ideas recently that we think will help some of our readers, but it is also a chance to show off about the fact that we can come up with blog post ideas for any business, however random. If you don’t believe us then try us with a business you think we couldn’t come up with blog post ideas for.

Bear in mind that our Owner and Founder Hazel, used to spend 3 days a week writing blog posts about franking machines for Pitney Bowes – if she can come up with loads of ideas for that we are pretty confident she’ll be able to do any other business!

If you are a business coach for start-ups then these ideas could be really useful to you;

1.Top 10 Businesses You can Start Tomorrow

This blog post will give ideas of different businesses you could start tomorrow; this will include network marketing businesses, online service businesses and such like.

2.Choosing A Name For Your Business

This blog post will talk about choosing a name for your new business, why a good name is important, looking at what the business names means in different languages and such like, along with how to come up with a new business name.

3.The Perfect Logo

We will discuss what different colours mean, the considerations of a logo and why a logo is so important for a brand new business.

4.Where Will Your New Business Be Based?

In this blog post we will talk about the working from home, shared offices, renting your own office and hot desks, including the pros and cons of each business option and discussing business address / virtual addresses.

5.Is Turning Your Hobby Into a New Business A Good Idea?

This blog discusses the pros and cons of turning what was your hobby into a new business, if it’s a good idea and how this can change the enjoyment of your hobby, while adding that you need to be passionate about what you sell.

6.Could A Franchise Be Your New Business?

This blog post will discuss franchise as a new business for the reader, things you need to be aware of when going into a franchise and if a franchise is really for you.

7.Is Network Marketing For You?

This blog post will cover the different network marketing options out there, how network marketing works, the cost of network marketing and the pros and cons of being part of network marketing.

8.Top Tips For Starting Your Own Business

This will be a bullet point list of top tips for starting your own business, including all sorts of things aimed at all new businesses.

9.How To Promote Your New Business Cheaply

This will be a blog post that shares cheap ways of promoting your own new business, such as social media, networking, flyering and such like.

10.How To Write A Business Plan

This blog will cover what you need to include in your business plan for a new business, why it is important and who needs to see it.

If you’re still not sure how to write blogs for your business then give us a call, we can give you some pointers or we can write the business blog posts for you.