If you deal with finance for SMEs, help start-ups are a small business finance advisor, accountant, bookkeeper or have a similar role then these blog post ideas could be of interest. We had a brief brainstorming session to come up with ideas for readers of our blogs who help SMEs with finding finance and this is what we came up with.

If you would like some blog topic ideas for your business then just let us know, we won’t share them publicly and they will be your blog topic ideas to use as you choose. This is just an example of what you can expect from our blog topic post ideas service.

1.Why Do SMEs find raising funds difficult?

This blog would talk about the issues that SMEs face when they are looking to raise funds, such as no track record, fewer assets to offer in forms of security and such like.

2.How Does The Government Help SMEs with Finance?

Talking about the importance of SMEs to the government along with why and how the government helps SMEs with finance.

3.What Potential Sources of Finance Are Available To SMEs

This would be a list form blog, explaining the different options available including friends and family, angels, bank finance, crowd funding and such like.

4.The Difference Between Small Business Loans and Conventional Bank Loans for SMEs Finance

In this blog you will talk explain the different options and then the pros and cons of each option, enabling the reader to make an informed decision themselves.

5.What are the most popular sources of finance for SMEs?

In this blog post you can use research readily available on Google that shows the most popular sources of finance for SMEs over the last few years.

6.The Alternative Financing for SMEs

In this blog you can talk about the different types of funding platforms and which some of SMEs these funding platforms are best for.

7.How To Get Funding For Your Equipment, as an SME

A how to guide that covers the steps involved in gaining finance for the equipment you need for your business, as an SME.

8.Funding Routes To Help Your SME grow

Different funding routes and options that SMEs can use to help grow their business; including bank loans, crowd funding, peer to peer lending and venture capitalists. List the options and explain how they can help.

9.The Difficulties SMEs Face When Trying To Get Finance

This blog would explain the difficulties SMEs face, how many are accepted and declined for loans and what they can do to help gain finance.

10.Could Supply Chain Finance Be The Solution To Your SME Finance Concerns

In this blog we would explain what supply chain finance means, how it works and the SMEs it can work for, and which it doesn’t work. This idea could be used for other types of SME financing too, just with differently worded titles, EG: Would … Finance Work For Your SME?

If you need help coming up with blog post ideas or you need help writing your business blog posts then drop us a line, we would be only too happy to help.